We strive to maintain a safe environment for your kids every Sunday morning. We do this through a strategized check-in process, a security team that monitors for safety, and through background checked team members. We value keeping your kids safe and secure.


The Aquarium

6 weeks to 18 months old


The Airport



The Park

18 months to 2 years old


THE Warehouse


Common Questions

Q. Where do I check-in my kids?

A. Towards the end of the Mall Area, you'll see a check-in counter. There, one of the KidZone team members will help you check your child in, and you will receive a tag that you can use to pick-up your child after service is over.

Q. What is the wellness policy?

A. To ensure a safe and healthy environment for every child, we request that parents take responsibility for making sure their children are well before coming to church. Please make sure children are symptom free for at least 24 hours before bringing them to their class.

Q. Is there a place to nurse my child during service?

A. Absolutely. Next to the toddler's room, there is a "Mommies and Babies Room" that is available for nursing mothers. There, you'll find rocking chairs, a changing table, and a live feed of the service so that you won't miss a thing!

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