april 5 | this is us - week 6

1. As you think about your life, write down a list of times that you remember it being difficult to trust God. Now write down a list of how God showed you blessing and favor during those seasons. \

2. Read Proverbs 3:5-6. What situations are you facing right now that is causing you to lean more on your own understanding than on God? How could you change your approach? 

3. How does it make you feel to know that God will do the same thing with you that he promised to Joshua? (He promised to go head of him and that he would not fail or abandon him)

4. Take time to write down a season of your life that has not made sense or has been a struggle and how God walked with you through that season. What were the lessons you learned during that journey?

5. Why do you think that we as humans spend so much time worrying about where we will go and what we will do? What benefit do you see in training yourself to focus more on remaining in Christ?


april 8 | this is us - week 5

1. Read Job 1:1-22. Why would Satan say that Job had good reason to fear God? List some things God had done for Job in his first season of life? What has God done for you in your life that you are thankful for at this season? 

2. As you consider Job 1:10-11, what do you believe a “wall of protection” means? Share some other Biblical examples of walls of protection. Have you ever sensed such a wall around your life? Describe an occurrence. 

3. In verse 12, how did God allow Satan to “test” Job? Discuss why it is hard for us the fathom God’s sovereignty to allow tests in our lives. What would be the purpose of test? How did Job respond in verse 22? Have you ever wanted to blame God for something that has happened to you? Talk through it. 

4. What did Job declare in Job 13:15? If Job was trusting God, why did he still need to repent in Job 42:1-6? Give an example when you still loved God and trusted Him but needed to have a broken and repentant heart due to your attitude. 

5. Take a shot at discovering how long Job suffered by comparing Job 2:13; 7:3; 29:2 30:16, 27. (Hint: No one knows exactly.) After plenty of God conversations, prayer and repentance what happened to Job in 42:10-12? Discuss the statement: Brokenness and repentance leads to God’s patient faithfulness.