December 10 | The Story - Week 1

1. Scan over Matthew 1 and 2, as well as, Luke 1 and 2. Number in order the 7 major events of the Christmas Story. Here are some hints but not in order. Shepherds and Angels Worship, Bethlehem Journey, Holy Spirit Miracle with Virgin Mary, Manger Birth of Jesus, Wise Men’s Visit, Virgin Mary’s Response, Angel Gabriel’s Visit

2. Share as many characters of the Christmas story as you can recall. How do the characters of the story relate to people in everyday life? What character would you like to talk to and why?

3. Discuss these 3 gifts of the Christmas story: It is timeless. It is true. It is your story too. How is the story timeless? Why do you believe the story is true and not just a fable? How are you in the story of Jesus’ birth?

 4. Every story has the element of conflict and struggle. How would you have responded to the following struggles if you were in the initial cast? pregnant virgin, pregnant virgin fiancé, angelic appearances, wise men searching for a child king following a star, Herod trying to kill the baby king.

5. How is the birth story of Jesus a conflict of a “heaven versus hell” epic battle? What was the resolution that the Christ child brought to the world through his birth of obedience in God’s plan? How is this Christmas story changing your life?


December 3 | red letter questions - Week 9

1. What traditions or practices do you have in your life? Are they producing awareness and faith, or simply cluttering your life?

2. What if you spent as much time getting your heart ready for church as you did your outer appearance? How do you think this would change your church experience?

3. Are there any aspects of your life that seem hollow and lacking? What could you change to produce more fruit in those areas?

4. On a sheet of paper, draw 2 columns and write on one-side traditions, and on the other side write Bible. Then take a minute to list out things you have done or do in your life that are simply traditions and things that are straight out of the Bible. Identify the ones that bleed into both areas as well.

5. What amazing things are you believing God for tomorrow and how can you consecrate yourself today in preparation?