october 22 | red letter questions - Week 3

1. Read Matthew 22:41-46. What would the Pharisee’s have thought of the Messiah? What did they think of Jesus? How do their perceptions compare to some of your friends, acquaintances or family?

2. Make a list of confessions of what you believe about Jesus.

3. What does it mean to have Jesus as your Savior? What does it mean to have Jesus as your Lord? Is there a difference. Can someone have one without the other? Why is this conversation and confession so critical? 

4. Have someone read Matthew 16:13-19. Do you believe you have had an ah-hah moment of who Jesus is to you? Share what seems to hold you or others back from that confession of Jesus. Have some in your group describe their moment of revelation of Jesus.

5. How can we sensitively caution and warn people of the coming judgment of Christ? Should it be a part of our sharing of Christ in our witness to others?


october 8 | red letter questions - Week 2

1. Define the following and feel free to give examples: fear, doubt, anxiety, unbelief, as opposed to: confidence, trust, peace and faith.

2. Read Matthew 8:23-27. As experienced fisherman, why were the disciples afraid? Knowing that Jesus had performed other miracles, why do you think the disciples weren’t napping with Him? How does that relate to us when it comes to having great personal track record with Jesus’ miracles yet still fear and doubt?

3. Jesus rebuked the disciples, the wind and the waves in Matthew 8:26. What did the disciples learn from his rebuke? Share a time in your life that God lovingly rebuked you in a season or circumstance that you had little faith. What did He teach you from that experience? What did you learn?

4. Define what the wind and waves are in your life right now. Be bold enough to share them with someone to have them agree in prayer with you that you will hear the voice of Jesus speak peace over your fears and doubts.

5. Read Matthew 6:25-33. What dominates the thoughts of unbelievers according to verse 31-32? What are the 2 promises of verses 32-33? How does that comfort you? What are Jesus’ 2 expectations of us in verse 31 and 33?