december 9 | Discover Hope - Week 2

1. Share a time in your life that something unexpected and difficult happened to you but God turned it around to blessing and restored your hope.

2. Since we believe God knows our capacities due to seeing our faithfulness, what signs of faithfulness does God see in your life?

3. In Luke 1:30, what was the angel’s encouragements about fear and favor? What are your fears and how do they impact your hope? Compare your fears to how God has shown you favor and blessing.

4. Read Luke 1:28-30; 2:19, 51. As we consider Mary and how she thoughtfully approached her calling and blessing, how did Mary progress from unexpected hardships to the discovery of hope? How do you “wonder, ponder and treasure” the blessings of God in your heart?

5. How did Jesus modify a person’s blessing of Mary in Luke 11:27-28? How can we be confident in our hope and receive God’s blessing? How should that impact the lives of people around us that we have influence with?


december 2 | Discover Hope - Week 1

1. How would you describe the difference between the two covenants referred to in Jeremiah 31:31-32?

 2. Since God has always been faithful, how was God faithful in the old covenant and yet still faithful in the new covenant? Share a season in your life that God was faithful to you when you weren’t so faithful to Him.

3. Read Jeremiah 31:33-34. What does it mean to have God’s law in your mind and written in your heart? What comes to your mind when the Bible describes: I will be “their” God and they will be “My” people?

4. What are the benefits of a personal relationship with Jesus? Try to list at least 5 benefits.

5.  Describe your thoughts of knowing that your sins will be remembered no more by God according to Jeremiah 31:34b.