october 14 | satan has asked for you - week 4

1. Read Exodus 4:12. What was Moses’ weakness? Why was he afraid that his weakness wouldn’t allow him to accomplish what God wanted for his life? What are some of your weaknesses that Satan uses to cause you to doubt what God wants for your life? 

2. Share a story when God actually used you and your weakness to accomplish something cool for His glory.

3. Have you ever been deceived by something that looked or sounded like it might be from God? Share your experience. How do you think Moses felt when the magicians counterfeited the miracles that Moses had performed by God’s power? How can we know something is from God?

4. Take your best shot at describing God’ limitless power, authority and sovereignty 1) in this story of Moses and 2) in your life.

5. Read Exodus 14:10-14. What were on all the sides of Moses and Israelites when the people began to panic? How did the people simply stand and watch God’s rescue? How has God rescued you when you seemed surrounded?


october 7 | satan has asked for you - week 3

1. Read Daniel 1:8-15. How can you relate to Daniel’s pressure to become like everyone else in the world rather than being what God wants you to be? What areas do you battle in striving not to be like the world?

2. What did Daniel learn about himself and his friends when they chose to honor God rather than being like everyone else? What do you believe will happen to you if you choose to separate yourself from the rest of the world and separate yourself unto God? 

3. What can we learn about Daniel’s prayer life in Daniel 6:10? Give some examples of what you practically like to do when you pray and spend time with God. What attacks your personal altar? How can guard that time with God?

4. In Daniel 6:16-23, what do you learn about God’s presence and His ability to protect us in the midst of dangerous battle moments? Share a story of how God protected and saved you when the enemy wanted your demise.

5. Give some of your favorite promises of Scripture that we can stand on when we are in a spiritual battle.