April 14 | Cultivating Your Dirt - It’s Just What Jesus Does week 3

1. Share Luke 8:4-8; 11-15. How can someone’s life align itself near a path that could cause it to be trampled? What rocks could be in someone’s soil that could result in a withered, no moisture death? What are things in a Christian’s life that represent life’s worries, riches and pleasures that choke growth and fruitfulness to immaturity?

2. What makes a person’s life good soil and what maintains a person’s life as good soil? Why do some people produce for God in different capacities (30, 60, 100x)? What should we reproduce as good dirt followers of Jesus?

3. Luke 8:13 speaks of times of testing. What types of testing happen in people’s lives? Jesus says the rocky ground person becomes a believer but then after testing they lack moisture and whither. What does this tell us about the potential of walking away from Jesus? Can a person fall away from Jesus? Why?

4. Does someone who has life’s worry’s, riches and pleasures choking their fruitfulness enter the Kingdom? Share an experience when something was choking your relationship with Jesus. Does the choking person ever die without Christ?

5. Review the facts of each response in the story and the explanation. Which responses and comments by Jesus would represent a person who would make heaven and which response(s) would make hell?


april 7 | Feeding 5,000 - It’s Just What Jesus Does week 2

1. Have four different people look up Matthew 14:13-21; Mark 6:31-44; Luke 9:12-17; John 6:1-14. Read the passage and look for all the facts and portions that are really close to identical.

2. Understanding that the disciples have experienced a miracle campaign with Jesus, why did they not expect another miracle when it came to feeding the crowd? Discuss the importance of understanding that miracles, blessings and successes of yesterday need a new miracle for today.

3. Read Mark 6:38. Why would Jesus ask the disciples what they had among them to feed the crowd, when he knew in advance that He would do a miracle and feed over 5000?

4. How is our world hungry today? Discuss how can we as followers of Jesus sometimes ignore the need and potentially be ok with turning others away. Why does Jesus expect us to do something about this world’s needs?

5. What is the significance of 1) everyone had enough to eat and 2) twelve baskets of leftovers? Share an experience of how God multiplied and provided for you where you were satisfied and had leftovers!