August 11 | Getting INto God’s Presence

1.    If you weren’t doing anything for God, would you be content in your relationship with Him? Why or why not?

2.    What aspects of the tabernacle stand out to you most and why is that significant to your life?

3.    As you read Psalm 42:1-2, what does it reveal to you about the condition of the human soul?

4.    Knowing that your heart is now the tabernacle, or housing place for God, how does that change the way you prepare your heart for God to dwell there?

5.    What attribute of God is most mesmerizing to you right now? Why?


August 4 | Our MRI: THe Law

1.    As you read the 10 commandments, which one(s) reveal errors about your life right now?

2.    What things are you doing right now that are strictly done out of obligation to prove your worth to God?

3.    How are you creating times in your life to dwell with God?

4.    What does it mean that God will write the law on your mind and heart?

5.    Read John 15: What does this reveal to you about the importance of dwelling with God?