Discover Your Purpose

Below is a form to let us know you are ready to start the process. Once you fill that out, one of our ministry team leaders will reach out to you to walk you through the discovery process. You can also read about each step below to better understand what you will learn.

Step One

During the first session of Growth Track, you will learn more about how to become a member of Evangel Church and call this your home. We want to lay out the four major purposes we have at Evangel so you understand our mission for each person.

Step Two

During the second session of Growth Track, you will have time to sit in round tables where you will take personal assessments to understand your personality and spiritual gifts. This is a lab-style session that is designed to help you discover and dialogue about your purpose. 

Step Three

During step three of Growth Track, you will learn the essence of being a leader. God has equipped you to become an influencer to the people around you and we want to challenge you to be the leader God calls you to be. You will also understand the standard of leadership at Evangel.

Step Four

During step four of Growth Track, you will have the opportunity to talk more about your gifts and personality and then get the opportunity to get connected to the right part of the Dream Team. You have a specific place to contribute to as a part of our Dream Team at Evangel!

Have you been water baptized?

Baptism is the public declaration of your faith in Jesus Christ, and we would love to help you take this step!