Tamra and I are so grateful that God has connected you with Evangel Church. We are excited about your journey of spiritual growth and hope that you can know God, find life, discover purpose, and make a difference through the ministry of Evangel Church. We believe God is doing great things not just here at our church, but across the nation and throughout the world. Our church is wonderfully diverse, Bible-based, and passionate to show God's love. 

Pastor Ron & Tamra Heitman

Experiential Worship

To thrive as a community of believers and those about to be believers in an atmosphere where people don’t come to merely listen but rather interact with God’s truth, participate in a warm, conducive setting of prayer and contemporary worship with creative means of communication and response.

Process Discipleship

To thrive in personal discipleship with an expectation of all believers to make healthy and growing disciples through the power of God’s Word, prayer and the personal testimony that Jesus gives each believer.

Relational Influence

To thrive as a community of believers that use their own healthy and growing relationship with Jesus to provide an inviting, warm atmosphere that is contagious to those seeking a home and family to worship with, connect with, to be encouraged by and to serve others while personally growing healthy and stronger in their relationship with Jesus.

Global Missions

To thrive in the passion of God to impact the world with the message of Jesus Christ by giving of our finances and resources, by going on trips around the world to impact the nations, and by empowering others through sending them to the uttermost parts of the earth as missions becomes the motor of Evangel.

International Impact

To thrive in an atmosphere where the multicultural world all around our community is invited to become a part of the family of God as every nation, tongue and tribe is reflected in our congregation and as our arms as the body of Christ are wide open to receive those longing to find a place of relationship with Jesus.

Miraculous Expectation

To thrive in an atmosphere of expecting a supernatural God to consistently show up and move among His people who are praying that signs, wonders and miracles would follow us as we faithfully walk and believe for the omnipotence of an Almighty God to be displayed.

Emerging Generations

To thrive in modeling the example of Jesus by investing and training in generation connections, by blessing children with excellence in education and interaction, by empowering generations of students, young adults and various people groups in matters of relevance rather than recency with an atmosphere that is creative, age-minded and exciting to grow in.

Active Truth

To thrive in the Bible as we believe in the absolute truth of Scripture working individually and collectively as the family of God in making the application of the Word of God to our daily lives by putting it into practice, preaching and teaching the Scripture through interactive Bible studies, small group and age specific discipleship classes and our multiple worship services.